Why Us

At AJSS, we recognize that the continuous change in security environment is now a major factor. We provide tailored and integrated security solutions to reduce the risks for your business.

Qatari-owned Solution

Al Jassra Security is a 100% Qatari-owned business that aims to attain best-in-class security solutions in Qatar.

International Accreditation

AJSS exercises an internationally accredited private security model that is consistent with Qatari jurisdiction and culture.

Qatar Vision 2030

Qatar Vision 2030 requires a locally motivated learning-based trade to develop a lasting and sustainable legacy in safety and security.

Global Leading Capability

AJSS fuses best-in-class technology, people, and processes.

Qatar 2022

By supporting the operational deployment of safety and security services during Qatar 2022, AJSS aims to build a lasting industry legacy
for future international events held in Qatar.

Regional (GCC) Leadership

Our accredited learning model has a transferable application for other countries in the region.

Mission-critical Training Model

AJSS exercises the global leading and integrated training model for contextual, interactive, and scenario-based ‘Action Learning.’

Fair Labour Alliance Membership

Together with FSI, our trusted and valued partner for manpower sourcing worldwide, we interdict the
widespread exploitative practices of labour brokers, human trafficking, debt bondage, forced labour and other systemic labour abuses.AJSS is successfully pioneering a Fair Labour ethical recruitment and employment methodology. Fair Labour is a dynamic and disruptive new business model, which is delivering increased productivity to clients whilst greatly improving the lives of workers, their families, and the communities they support.

Public Safety Smart Guard Services (PSSGS)

Over the period of 7 years, Al Jassra Security Services and its partners have collectively researched and estimated capacity,
capability gaps, and effective response from both public and private sector security entities in Qatar.

Our findings led to creating a Public Safety Smart Guard Model for public and private security readiness and integrated response.

This knowledge-development and knowledge-sharing model lends itself to producing a unique and unified collaboration between private and public sector entities responsible for the National Public Safety of Qatar citizens. The model allows a national body of knowledge due to collective learning.
The model also promotes best-practice standards, governance, and compliance across all verticals of society where security excellence is of paramount importance and a unified, planned, and coordinated response is required.

Pillars of Building a Unified National Security Platform for Success

Security Standards, Governance & Compliance - Development, Adoption & Implementation
Training & Regulation
Knowledge Creation & Sharing
Integration - People, Places, Technology, Systems, Escalation, Response Command & Control
Common Purpose, Common Solution, Unified Approach
Prevention, Protection, Preservation, & Serving The Community